My name’s Cal Bannerman, I’m a writer, narrator, editor, and host of the original storytelling podcast Stories from the Hearth.

I am a passionate advocate of reading, history, queer and DIY-punk culture, and community. I’m from a small rural town called Hawick in the Scottish Borders, but have lived in Glasgow for the past decade.

After graduating from the University of Glasgow with a First Class Honours Degree in History, I travelled the world for a year. Returning to Glasgow, I know live in a tenement flat with my partner and our cat, and when not working on my podcast, writing my next story, or meeting client deadlines, you’ll most likely find me with my nose in a good book, cooking something Asian or Mexican inspired, or walking in one of Glasgow’s many beautiful parks.

I am currently available to hire for freelance copywriting, proofreading, editing, narration and audiobook production.

I have around a decade of professional experience in bookselling and publishing, and so am well-versed in delivering detailed line-edits, larger thematic and structural edits, as well as general grammatical and spelling proofreads.

As host of Stories from the Hearth, I spend a good portion of each week performing dramatic narrations of fictitious stories, before mixing and producing the audio for each episode myself. I apply these skills to my work as an audiobook producer, primarily contracted through ACX – the production platform behind Audible.

When it comes to copywriting and freelance writing, you can commission short stories and poetry from me, or approach me with any other creative, blog, or article work. I have a great deal of experience producing thoroughly-researched product and buyer guides, cultural and historical articles, travel blog posts, and website landing-page copy.

You can take a look at my standard rates, and contact me with any enquiries, here.

Have a look through various examples of my creative freelance work in my portfolio, here.

And to learn a little more about me, head here.

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