Anomaly (2020) – Sci-Fi Short Film

Watch my film here!

In Anomaly, humanity scours the far reaches of the cosmos for asteroids to mine and planets to inhabit, building spacestations as they go. For Pan, lone engineer, tasked with maintenance of the remotest outposts, life in outerspace is a drag. It’s hardly made more bearable by the constant presence of her AI companion, Dual – an acerbic autopilot with a dry wit and little else. When a rogue frequency promises an injection of adventure into an otherwise dull and lonely life, Pan leaps at the opportunity to track it to its source. Hyper-jumping to an unexplored region of space… what could possibly go wrong?

My friend Martin Pringle and I filmed and edited this short (15 min) sci-fi flick over the course of a year. On minimal budget and being able to work on it only in stolen evenings and short weekend hours, I am immensely proud of the outcome.

If you enjoy the film, please like and subscribe to Martin’s channel, where we’ll be uploading any future works of ours. Anomaly is our first collaboration.

Anomaly is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. To find out more about the license, please click here.

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