Stories from the Hearth is a brand-new, creator-led, short-stories podcast, launched in January 2021.

Stories from the Hearth is an original short-stories podcast for those who crave a little bit of escapism, from all the chaotic energies of the modern world. 

Written, performed and produced by Calum Bannerman, each episode features a brand-new short-story, sometimes sci-fi, romance or fantasy, sometimes historical fiction or horror. Established with the goal of rekindling our collective passion for storytelling, and creating a unique community of listeners, passionate about the art, Calum’s stories are reminiscent of those a wandering bard might once have told, to a group of villagers gathered around the fire. 

New episodes of ‘Stories from the Hearth’ are released every three weeks. Episode #1 launches on Sunday 10th January 2021 (10.01.21). The podcast is available to listen to on Spotify (here), on iTunes/Apple Music, Google Music, and all major podcast apps!

With your help, as a Patron of this podcast, I (Calum) can commit more and more time to the writing, editing, and production of new stories, and in time expand the podcast even further, developing new styles of episode, with the goal of community-entertainment always in mind. Please do consider supporting the podcast, from as little as £5, by visiting my Patreon, here.

Instagram: @storiesfromthehearthpodcast
Twitter: @Hearth_Podcast
Website: https://storiesfromthehearth.simplecast.com/

Check out the attached trailer for a teaser of the podcast.

Much love, Cal x

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  1. Hello Calum, Very happy to support this venture , but not at all sure how to proceed,can you advise us what to do please to simply receive your podcasts and pay for the pleasure of reading your works. Papa and Granny xx Sent from my iPad



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