How to rough it on the road and still come back smiling

I’ve been back in the land of peat, rain, brick lanes and whisky for a few weeks now. Back home in┬áthe autumnal Scottish Borders where my family, friends, dogs and home comforts are busy easing me back into the normal swing of things (slowly, but surely). And somehow, somehow, as so many have already pointed out (with more than a dash of surprise), I made it nine and change months round the world and came back in one piece. Continue reading “How to rough it on the road and still come back smiling”

The End Product of One Too Many Introspective Hangovers

I was sitting on yet another bus a week or two ago, Shaun and I headed for Quilotoa – an active volcano outside of Latacunga, Ecuador. I was sitting there, watching a countryside not so dissimilar to Scotland’s pass us by – all lush greens and forest and pasture – listening to music that reminds me of home, when I was struck by a moment of perfect clarity. Continue reading “The End Product of One Too Many Introspective Hangovers”

If Bilbo can do it, so can I

As geeky as it sounds, this has become my mantra over the last few days.

I’ve been planning this trip since May of last year, and dreaming about it for even longer. And until recently it retained this sort of dream-like quality. It was just far enough away, just detached enough, to not be quite real. Tonight however, I’ve sat down to my last meal at home Continue reading “If Bilbo can do it, so can I”

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