Town of 1000 Trails – Copywriting Feedback

“Calum provided over 100 pages of research-backed content to support the project to a high quality and well within the time parameters that were set. I would have no hesitation in recommending Calum to carry out similar work in future.”

Andrew Dobbie, Town of 1000 Trails (November 2019)

Semprius Solar – Renewable Energy Product Guides

Without doubt my most challenging copywriting work is also one of my longest-running freelance contracts (second only to my work for My How To Online). I was hired back in March of 2021 by a leading website in the field of solar power and renewable energy: Semprius. The focus at Semprius is to educate and inform its readership on the benefits of (primarily) solar power, to instruct as to the installation of renewable energy systems, and to guide customers looking to buy solar powered/renewable energy products. Semprius employs me to produce roughly three fully-researched product guide articles (2000+ words) per week.

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My How To Online – Tech Tutorial Copywriting

Without a doubt my longest freelance contract to date (February 2021 – present), I am employed by the hosts of My How To Online to write between five and ten how-to guides a week. Covering anything from How to delete messages on Instagram, to How to install Linux OS on a Google Chromebook, these articles require detailed research (both practical and online) before turning that research into concise, informative tutorials designed to educate, engage, and stand out from the crowd.

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Caledonian MacBrayne Poetry Performance – Narration for an Advertisement

It’s become pretty popular in recent years for big businesses (such as Nationwide, Guinness, and the BBC) to use spoken word poetry in their ad campaigns. In May of 2021 I was hired by Glasgow-based Sonnet Youth, on behalf of Scotland’s biggest ferry operators Caledonian MacBrayne (known as CalMac), to perform a poem entitled Isle Be Back for a future advert.

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