Tile Merchant Ireland – Garden & Lifestyle Blog Commission

I was hired in April of 2021 by Tile Merchant, “Ireland’s premier online store for the finest tiles, paving, wood flooring and much, much more.” Tile Merchant commissioned me to write a test article for their home, garden and lifestyle advice blog. The article was to focus on the correct installation of composite decking, from purchase to maintenance.

I made the client aware of my inexperience in the garden & lifestyle field, especially when it came to the technical application and installation of their products. Nevertheless, I also assured the client that I was a fast learner, and was confident I could conduct the research necessary to equip myself for the writing of the article.

I ran with the composite decking article, and in a matter of days produced an article which not only met their expectations, but exceeded them. So much so, the article was approved by the client’s editorial team without requiring a single edit.

Since then, I have been employed by Tile Merchant to produce 1-2 blog articles on a rolling monthly basis, and have (at the time of writing) written feature articles on Dublin’s Most Inspiring Natural Paving Stone Garden Makeovers as well as a more personal article, detailing the journey Tile Merchant’s sales manager embarked on when outfitting her own garden: a journey which led to the inclusion of high-quality Pergolas in the Tile Merchant range.

My work with Tile Merchant is a prime example of how I am able to take a subject I am entirely unfamiliar with, research it thoroughly and efficiently, and turn this research into attractive, informative, entertaining and concise articles.

You can read a couple of the full articles I have written for Tile Merchant’s blog here and here, and you can take a look at some screenshots from these articles below.

If you would like to hire me for similar work, please contact me via my Freelance Rates & Contact page.

Screenshots from – 5 Inspiring Outdoors Makeovers Completed in Dublin with Natural Paving Slabs

Screenshots from – How to Install Composite Decking [Step-by-Step Guide]

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