Nomad Paradise (Scotland) – Food & Travel Blog Commission

In April of 2021 I was commissioned by the foodie, culture-focused travel blog Nomad Paradise to write an article on the food and drink I felt best represented my native country (Scotland), with the goal of encouraging tourists in Scotland to try the various foodstuffs I had chosen. This was a really fun contract, and both the client and I were extremely happy with the finished project.

Nomad Paradise commissioned me through the freelance platform Upwork to choose 15-20 traditional Scottish foods, and weave them into an article exploring the history and culture behind each dish, targeted at backpackers and holiday-makers who might be planning to visit Scotland in the future.

The article was to be about 2,000 words in length, with each food occupying roughly the same word count (i.e. 20 foods = 100 words each).

I was first tasked with compiling my list of chosen dishes, which my client was happy to give me the go ahead on as soon as I submitted it. I then produced the article and delivered it to the client the same day. He was overjoyed with the end result, rating my work 5/5 stars on Upwork, stating: “Loved working with Calum. Writes with class and character. Eager to work with him again, and would definitely recommend his writing.”

You can read the full article 18 Popular Foods You Need to Try in Scotland on Nomad Paradise, here. You can see some screenshots from the article below.

I am currently available to hire for freelance copywriting. If you would like to hire me for a similar project, or if you have any enquiries, please visit my Freelance Rates & Contact page.

Screenshots from 18 Popular Foods You Need to Try in Scotland on Nomad Paradise

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