One Man’s Trash – Manuscript Beta Reading

Here’s an example of beta- and proof-reading services I extended to a friend, who was preparing their short story manuscript for publication. One Man’s Trash is Ryan Vance’s debut in the world of fiction, and was published by American publishers Lethe Press in March of 2021. I worked with Ryan at a Glasgow bookshop, and was one of the first beta readers he approached, a year or more before Lethe picked up the title. I gave Ryan advice on which stories worked best, as well as a more detailed critique of each story’s content.

One Man’s Trash is an uncompromising collection of gnarled and gristly stories of queerness, loneliness, love and liminality, which “delight in disgust, discover joy in daily junk, and create wild unexpected treasures from the most unusual of leftovers.”

Praise for Vance’s debut collection:

“Vance’s fantasy elements are all the more enchanting for being so close to reality. The mix of magic and the everyday will linger with readers long after the book is shut.” – Publishers Weekly

“Underneath the uncanny, Vance’s true understanding of humanity is revealed, through strange situations that ultimately make each story within One Man’s Trash addicting and compelling. – Lambda Literary Review

“These stories are unsettling in the best way: they get under your skin and take root.” – Rachel Plummer, author of Wain

“A freakish, festering, and occasionally beautiful collection of stories.” – Laura Waddell, author of Exit

“So very queer and fantastical, the stories of One Man’s Trash (nothing rubbish here!) push the reader one step closer to the weird.” – Matthew Bright, author of ​Stories to Sing in the Dark

You can read more about One Man’s Trash on Lethe Press’s website, here.

If you would like to hire me for proofreading, beta reading, or editorial work, or if you have any enquiries, please visit my Freelance Rates & Contact page.

Here’s my signed copy on my bookshelf at home:

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