Semprius Solar – Renewable Energy Product Guides

Without doubt my most challenging copywriting work is also one of my longest-running freelance contracts (second only to my work for My How To Online). I was hired back in March of 2021 by a leading website in the field of solar power and renewable energy: Semprius. The focus at Semprius is to educate and inform its readership on the benefits of (primarily) solar power, to instruct as to the installation of renewable energy systems, and to guide customers looking to buy solar powered/renewable energy products. Semprius employs me to produce roughly three fully-researched product guide articles (2000+ words) per week.

My work with Semprius is, as I’ve said, challenging. One week I’ll be writing about the pros and cons of solar light tubes, the next on the inner workings of pure sine wave inverters for home wind turbines, and the next I’ll be curating a buyer’s guide for the best solar pool pumps on the US market in 2021. Needless to say, these articles require a lot of research. What’s more, there is a heavy emphasis on the content of my articles being SEO-friendly, which is an additional challenge when it comes to keeping the articles clean and informative.

Nevertheless, this is what my History degree at the University of Glasgow trained me to do – to efficiently conduct relevant and accurate research, and to turn that research into informative, engaging writing. As such, despite solar energy (and the physics and electronics behind it) being something I was initially ignorant of (if passionate about), I knew that I could deliver on the articles. I told my client as much when he first hired me for a trial article, and seemingly he’s been impressed enough since to continue commissioning work from me, week in, week out.

My work with Semprius is a prime example of my ability to turn my hand to just about any subject when it comes to copywriting. It’s an ability I am shamelessly proud of and one, as I’ve said, which allows me to continue on with my history degree in spirit.

As an example of articles I’ve written for Semprius, here’s is a hyperlinked list:

Note: The articles I write for Semprius, as with My How To Online, are published under various pseudonyms.

You can visit the Semprius Solar website here. Alternatively, I will post some screenshots from one or two of my articles below.

If you would like to hire me for a similar project, or if you have any enquiries, please visit my Freelance Rates & Contact page.

Screenshots from a couple of Semprius articles which I researched and wrote:

Excerpt from The Best Solar Backpacks introduction
Excerpt from The Best Solar Backpacks ‘Editor’s Picks’
Excerpt from The Best Pure Sine Wave Inverters product guide section

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