The International Career School – Website Proofreading and Copy-Editing

In February 2021, I was hired by The International Career School to proofread and edit their entire English-language website. Founded and hosted by native Russian speakers, the website of The International Career School was rife with grammatical, structural, and spelling errors, as well as larger issues such as content duplication and erroneous statistics. It was my job to correct all of the above.

This was one of my first editorial and proofreading contracts, and remains one of my biggest undertakings to date. It took me roughly a week (five full days) of work to complete the task, and when I was finished my client could not have been happier, rating my work 5/5 stars on the freelance platform Upwork, through which I was contracted.

In addition to providing a general proofreading of the website (offering notes on grammar, spelling, and punctuation), I also delivered a line-by-line copy-edit of the entire website. This meant restructuring The International Career School’s actual content – from their landing and About pages, to each individual page of the Course Catalogue.

In order to make my edits as understandable and workable as possible, I created a Word document for each of the 19 pages of the website, with annotated and highlighted screenshots not only showing each of my proposed edits, but explaining in detail why I was recommending they be made.

You can visit The International Career School’s website here, to have a look at the end product. You can see screenshots of my editorial documents below.

I am currently available to hire for proofreading and copy-editing. If you would like to hire me for similar projects, or if you have any enquiries, please visit my Freelance Rates & Contact page.

Screenshots from my editorial documents for The International Career School website About and Course pages

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