One Man’s Trash – Manuscript Beta Reading

Here’s an example of beta- and proof-reading services I extended to a friend, who was preparing their short story manuscript for publication. One Man’s Trash is Ryan Vance’s debut in the world of fiction, and was published by American publishers Lethe Press in March of 2021. I worked with Ryan at a Glasgow bookshop, and was one of the first beta readers he approached, a year or more before Lethe picked up the title. I gave Ryan advice on which stories worked best, as well as a more detailed critique of each story’s content.

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The International Career School – Website Proofreading and Copy-Editing

In February 2021, I was hired by The International Career School to proofread and edit their entire English-language website. Founded and hosted by native Russian speakers, the website of The International Career School was rife with grammatical, structural, and spelling errors, as well as larger issues such as content duplication and erroneous statistics. It was my job to correct all of the above.

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