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Modest Mussorgsky and the Lonely Soldier (Historical Romance) – Story #10 Stories from the Hearth

Ludoslaw Dragon is a lonely drunk. Ludoslaw Dragon has a hole in his heart. Ludoslaw Dragon has disappeared… In the aftermath of World War Two, a once-picturesque Polish town hides a dark secret beneath its air-raid rubble. A photograph of a young pianist is found amongst Ludoslaw's clothes. A heart-breaking love affair comes to the surface.Stories from the Hearth is an immersive storytelling experience ft. truly original fiction and thoughtfully produced soundscapes. The aim of this podcast is to rekindle its listeners' love for the ancient art of storytelling (and story-listening), and to bring some small escapism to the frantic energies of the modern world. Stories from the Hearth is the brainchild of queer punk poet, environmentalist, and anarchist Cal Bannerman. Vive l'art!Episode #14 out on Halloweeeeen! (31.10.21)Support the podcast and earn exclusive perks through my Patreon: @storiesfromthehearthTwitter: @Hearth_PodcastYouTube: Stories from the HearthEmail: storiesfromthehearthpodcast@gmail.comOriginal Artwork by Anna FerraraAnna's Instagram: @giallosardinaAnna's Portfolio: you for listening. Please consider following, subscribing to, and sharing this episode, and please do tell your friends all about Stories from the Hearth.Some of the recorded audio in this episode is courtesy of Special thanks go to miastodzwiekow and xserra.Track: Mussorgsky – Night on Bald Mountain [Copyright Free] Music provided by Classical Music Copyright Free [] Watch: Chopin – Nocturne in E flat major, Op. 9 no.2 [Copyright Free] Music provided by Classical Music Copyright Free [] Watch: Tchaikovsky – 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0… Music provided by FreeMusic109 Romsky-Korsakov – Flight of the Bumblebee [Copyright Free] Music provided by Your Soundtrack on YouTube. Watch:
  1. Modest Mussorgsky and the Lonely Soldier (Historical Romance) – Story #10
  2. Chinese Shadow Puppets – TWB S2 E3
  3. Caveworm: 2/2 (Fantasy Drama) – Story #9
  4. West African Griots – TWB S2 E2
  5. Caveworm: 1/2 (Fantasy Drama) – Story #9

Welcome to Stories from the Hearth, a short-story podcast to help you escape the chaotic energies of the everyday; a podcast in which every episode you will encounter a brand new, original story – be it romantic, historical, or science fiction, fantasy, or speculative horror; where you will encounter stories packed full of adventure, misfortune, peril and triumph, loveable villains, roguish heroes, and all those in-between.

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