Sail With Jim: The Dream – Audiobook Production

In April of 2021 I signed my first audiobook narration and production contract on ACX (production platform behind Audible) with Scottish author James G. Whitelaw, to produce his sailing memoir entitled Sail With Jim: The Dream.

Mr Whitelaw took instantly to my familiar accent and accessible, engaging and articulate narrative performance. Together we collaborated to produce the audiobook version of his autobiography, ensuring that pronunciations of small, unusual place names were perfect, and that the tone and style of my delivery matched his ambitions for the book.

Mr Whitelaw was thrilled with the finished product, which has since accrued (at time of writing – 11.06.21) 4.9/5 stars from 17 different reviewers on Amazon’s audiobook subscription service Audible (for which ACX is the backroom production site).

You can check out Sail With Jim: The Dream, here. You can listen to a sample of the audiobook below.

I have since collaborated with Mr Whitelaw on another of his personal projects, and am available to hire for the narration and production of not only other audiobooks, but any and all audio services.

I host the original storytelling podcast Stories from the Hearth, for which I am known for my dramatic, thoughtful, and unique narrative performances, as well as the high professional-quality of my sound production.

If you would like to hire me for similar projects, or contact me with any enquiries, please visit my Freelance Rates & Contact page.

Sample from Sail With Jim: The Dream by James G. Whitelaw, narrated by Calum Bannerman

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