My How To Online – Tech Tutorial Copywriting

Without a doubt my longest freelance contract to date (February 2021 – present), I am employed by the hosts of My How To Online to write between five and ten how-to guides a week. Covering anything from How to delete messages on Instagram, to How to install Linux OS on a Google Chromebook, these articles require detailed research (both practical and online) before turning that research into concise, informative tutorials designed to educate, engage, and stand out from the crowd.

My How To Online is a popular guide and tutorial website covering lifestyle, culture, technology and applications. My focus is on the technology and applications side of things, and to date (17.06.21) I have written over 140 articles for the site. As with most of my copywriting, there is an emphasis on creating SEO-friendly (search engine optimised) content, whilst not detracting from the brevity and accessibility of each guide. This is a challenge in and of itself, and one which I enjoy greatly.

As an example of some of the articles I’ve written, here is a list of links to commissioned titles (I am given the titles only, and must conduct my own research and format each article in keeping with the website’s aesthetic).

Since I am now such a long-standing freelance employee of My How To Online, I have been granted access to their website’s backroom, so that I can choose my own topics and upload my completed articles directly to the site – a reflection, I like to think, of the client’s satisfaction with the quality and punctuality of my work.

The articles I am commissioned to write for My How To Online are published under various pseudonyms.

If you would like to hire me for a similar project, or if you have any enquiries, please visit my Freelance Rates & Contact page.

Screenshots of some of my work for My How To Online:

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