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The Fox That Moved in Upstairs (Glaswegian Fauxklore) – Story #15 Stories from the Hearth

Bumps in the night. Shrieks through the wall. Strange smells in the hallway. A long-empty flat suddenly occupied by a reclusive and rather… furry individual. Upstairs neighbours are – let's face it – a nuisance, an anomaly, the bane of all apartment blocks. But when an urban fox moves into the flat upstairs in a crumbling Glasgow tenement, the residents face their most unruly neighbour yet. A Scottish folktale for modern times; a whimsical look at life as a 21st century city dweller.CW: reference to drug misuseStories from the Hearth is an experimental storytelling podcast, a free artistic space in the style of a painter's studio or writer's diary. It is a place for you to lose yourself in truly original short stories and their immersive soundscapes, written, narrated, and produced by Scottish poet Cal Bannerman.Episode #19 out on 29th May (29.05.22)Support the podcast and earn exclusive perks through my Patreon: @storiesfromthehearthTwitter: @Hearth_PodcastYouTube: Stories from the HearthEmail: storiesfromthehearthpodcast@gmail.comOriginal Artwork by Anna FerraraAnna's Instagram: @giallosardinaAnna's Portfolio: you for listening. Please consider following, subscribing to, and sharing this episode, and please do tell your friends all about Stories from the Hearth.Some of the recorded audio in this episode is courtesy of
  1. The Fox That Moved in Upstairs (Glaswegian Fauxklore) – Story #15
  2. The Art of Floating (Surreal Satire) – Story #14
  3. La Ville des Nuages Noirs (Magical Crime Noir) – Story #13
  4. The Bard – A First Birthday Special!
  5. From the Bauer of a Larch in Autumn (Mental Health) – Story #12

Welcome to Stories from the Hearth, a short-story podcast to help you escape the chaotic energies of the everyday; a podcast in which every episode you will encounter a brand new, original story – be it romantic, historical, or science fiction, fantasy, or speculative horror; where you will encounter stories packed full of adventure, misfortune, peril and triumph, loveable villains, roguish heroes, and all those in-between.

The idea behind Stories from the Hearth is to create a communal safe-space for lovers of the art of storytelling, to provide respite in a stressful world, and to further the creative boundaries of my own writing, and the writing of others.

You can support the podcast and earn access to exclusive perks, including bonus episodes, behind-the-scenes content, shout-outs in upcoming episodes, the chance to make requests, or vote on upcoming stories, and even the ability to commission a unique short-story from me, by becoming a patron on Patreon: here.

You can learn more about the podcast by visiting its website and social medias: or by watching its MISSION STATEMENT here: Community, History, and Escapism.

Episode #3 is out Sunday 21st February 2021 (21.02.21). Episodes are released every third Sunday, with the aim of making this more regular in time, and with your support.

Much love, C xx

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